Guiris in Granada

Guiri nm turista de otro país foreigner, foreign tourist

Generally, the term guiri, is just a more coloquial descriptive term to replace extranjero. Of course I would add that it is sometimes a pejorative term used to describe folks from outside of Spain. But amongst the folks I know, it is used with care and at times in jest. And in the end, I suppose just gotta own it. 🙂

Anyway, let’s just say, there’s lots of us here in our neighbourhood, the Albaicin. It is strange and wonderful mix of Albaicinera families, students, guiris and more. Lots of movement. Lots of coming and going.

Here in the Albaicin, there are a number of families who are here for a sabbatical year. Folks who, like us, have brought their families to learn Spanish, see a bit more of the world and open their world a bit. Many go to the school that our girls go to so there is quite a community of whatsapp groups, sharing, tapas nights and travel.

Lately, I have had a lot of requests for sessions with these families and it has been such a joy helping them capture just a little bit of their time here in Spain. So here you have, Lori, Jason, Robbie, Matthew and Gabi, a wonderful family from Seattle, soaking up the last bit of their time here in Granada. If you are interested, they have a blog and here is a wonderful post of their year in Spain from the kids’ perspective.


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Year Away in Spain



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