Pajaritas in the Albaicin

I met Mariam at our girls’ music school while my mom was in town for a visit. Mariam’s little Habibi walked up to my mom and with his little hand, grabbed hers, and took her for a wander. My mom’s heart melted and we made some new friends.  Who knew that a few short months later, I would be wandering the streets of the Albaicin taking pictures of the work of Mariam, paparazzi style?

Mariam is a super talented ceramics and joyeria artist who dabbles in bowties. 🙂 Check out her website and see some of her beautiful creations.

Earlier this week, we spent the morning wandering the Albaicin from Plaza Larga to the Mirador San Nicolas and then down the winding streets to the Calderería. Three models (plus the gorgeous Mariam) and all kinds of bowties.




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